How much does delivery cost?

  1. Delivery costs €5.00 for purchases under €69.90 in any payment method.
  2. Once the €69.90 threshold is exceeded, shipping is free, with payments via card method.
  3. If the shipment is cash on delivery, there is a surcharge, which is €5.00 even if the threshold of €69.90 is exceeded.
  4. For all residents on the Islands, the shipping cost in any case is 10.00
How do we proceed with the marking?
  1. Once the order has been placed, you will be contacted, via the number left on the order, on WhatsApp, to leave the shipping deposit, via multiple payment methods, which will be subtracted from the total, we at FerraroStore, work this way , Thank you.


The deposit is a method that we FerraroStore use to start the shipment, it is a way to give a commitment for the shipment.
The deposit is subtracted from the total, a practical EXAMPLE :
• DEPOSIT €10;

In the Caserta/Naples areas:

  1. If you find yourself near San Marcellino/Aversa, within a maximum distance of at least 50km from us, delivery will take place the same day, or the following day;
  2. If the order was placed in the morning, delivery takes place within a maximum of 6 hours;

Do you make deliveries throughout Italy and also to the smaller islands?

  • Yes, throughout Italy.

Can I choose different delivery methods?

  • Yes, if you proceed with two separate orders.
  • In fact, for each order you can only choose one delivery method.

How long does delivery take?

  1. Order processing takes place in 1/3 working days, the goods are entrusted and shipped via courier with tracking code attached, thanks to which you can check where the goods are, via the official website of the courier used. The courier generally takes 24/48 hours from the departure of the product to deliver the goods directly to the address indicated by the customer.
  2. In conclusion, the product purchased by the customer can take from 1 to 4 working days, at most to be delivered directly to your home, except for remote areas or islands, where the courier could take a maximum of 24 hours more to deliver the goods. .PS Some more delicate products, or products that require more controls, may require a few more days of preparation, to avoid certain problems for the end customer. For more information on delivery times, do not hesitate to contact us.
  3. IMPORTANT: For a faster delivery method, please contact the Whatsapp chat, we take less time to process the order, and shipping can take place in 24/48 WORKING hours.

Do you deliver abroad?

  • We ship to most of Europe, we can deliver abroad with additional shipping costs. You can contact us at our email address for a shipping quote based on your foreign location of residence