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Hertz SV 200L - Pair of Woofers, SPL Show, 500w, 200mm 8" SPL, 94.5 DB, 4 Ohm
Hertz SV 200 NEO - Pair SPL SHOW Midrange, Neomidium 500w, 20cm 8", SPL 100DB, 4 Ohm
Hertz SV 200.1 - Pair SPL Show, Midrange, 500w, 20cm, 8" SPL, 100DB, 4Ohm
Hertz SV 165 NEO - Pair Midrange SPL, 165mm, 150w RMS
Hertz SV 165.1 - Pair Midrange SPL, 165mm, 400w SPL SHOW
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Hertz K 130 - 2-Way Kit, UNO Series, with Woofer, 130mm, 220w
Hertz CK 165 F - 2-Way Speaker Kit, 165mm, CENTO Series, with Grilles
Hertz CK 165 L - 2 Way Kit, CENTO Series, Diameter 165mm, 300w
Hertz CPK 165 - 2-Way Kit, CENTO Series, Diameter 165, 285W
Hertz Mpx Coaxial - 165mm series, Mille 200w, Pro Sql Quality
Hertz Pair of Woofers - MP 165.3 Speakers, 165mm, MILLE PRO series, Sql Quality
Hertz Pair of Woofers - MILLE LEGEND ML 1800.3 Auto, 180mm, 18cm, Grilles
Hertz Pair of Woofers - MILLE LEGEND ML 1650.3 Auto, 165mm, 16cm, Grilles
Hertz Midrange Pair - MILLE LEGEND, ML 700.3, Car Speakers, 70mm Medium Grilles

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