Car Radio Warranty Conditions

Warranty of our Car Radios: How does it work?

The warranty covers all custom fit car radios present in our online shop "". First of all, we would like to remind you that the installation of our car radios must be carried out by competent people in the sector (auto electricians, or other people in our sector) malfunctions due to bad installations by incompetent people will void the warranty!

We, the FerraroStore team, include all the documentation in each shipment (which must be carefully preserved), in which case all the information will be given directly on the document.

The Warranty Does Not Cover:

  • The warranty becomes void for any tampering with the product, (disassembly, removal of films, screws, etc.) all causes due to modifications to the product;
  • The warranty does not cover: burns, malfunctions caused by bad installations, by incompetent people. Please contact those in the profession;
  • The warranty does not cover accidental damage, or any damage created by third parties;
  • The guarantee becomes invalid when one or two documents given during delivery are lost (present in the shipment), we invite you to carefully keep all the documentation and read it. Losing even one document will void the warranty.

For those who would like to be explained more precisely, you can contact us via the contact form.

We remind you that once the products have passed the "ABOVE" checks with positive results, they will not be replaced with a "NEW" product, but will be repaired through assistance. We also remember that the Shipping costs are in all cases borne by the buyer

Warranty Extension: How Does It Work? Its cost?

We at FerraroStore have thought of everything, for those who want to feel more "Safe", we have included the opportunity to extend the warranty of our products, also adding FREE assistance, in the package, with a small surcharge: €49.90.

You can also request it in the assisted order via Whatsapp.

The warranty extension works that in addition to the basic 12 months, on our custom fit car radios, there is an increase of a further 12 months! Total: 24 Months/Twenty-four.

For any doubts, or anything else, you can contact us via the contact form, or for faster responses, via our Whatsapp assistants: +39 3510663052.